OLD-2nd Edition- Max Power: CP FW Performance Optimization PDF
This is the PDF version of the older Second Edition of book "Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization" 
by Timothy C. Hall published in 2018 which covers R77.30, R80.10 and Gaia kernel 2.6.18.
Typical causes of performance-related issues on Check Point firewalls are explored in this book through a process 
of discovery, analysis, and remediation. This second edition has been fully updated for release R80.10 and you will
learn about:

- Common OSI Layer 1-3 issues and how to fix them
- Gaia OS Optimization
- Access Control Policy Layer Tuning
- CoreXL Tuning & Recommendations
- Threat Prevention Policy Optimization
- IPSec VPN Performance Enhancement
- SecureXL Acceleration Tuning
- Multi-Queue and SMT/Hyperthreading
- Firewall Process Space Trips
- Diagnosing Intermittent Performance Issues

Includes an alphabetical index of all CLI commands utilized throughout the text. This book has everything you need
to get the most out of your Check Point firewall.

Timothy C. Hall CISSP, CCSM, CCSI, CCNA Security

Mr. Hall has been performing computer security work for over 20 years and has worked with Check Point products since
1997. Mr. Hall holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Colorado State University and has been teaching Check Point
firewall classes continuously since 2004. As a perennial Top 3 contributor at the CheckMates User Community
(community.checkpoint.com) as well as the Check Point User Group (cpug.org) with over 2,000 posts, Mr. Hall frequently
lends his expertise to solving problems posted by Check Point users all over the world.

OLD-2nd Edition- Max Power: CP FW Performance Optimization PDF

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