OLD-CHECK POINT EMPLOYEES ONLY: "Max Power" 2nd Edition Hardcopy

Please note the following before placing an order of this item:

1) This SKU is for use by current Check Point employees only to directly purchase hardcopies of the Second Edition of "Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization" by Timothy C. Hall
2) Orders must be placed from an active checkpoint.com email address
3) Minimum order is 4 copies
4) Shipping is only available to the following countries with the expected lead time from order to delivery shown for each:

  • United States/Canada (15 business days)
  • Germany (20 business days)
  • United Kingdom (20 business days)
  • Australia (25 business days)
  • Israel (25 business days)

Orders of this item not complying with all the above requirements in their entirety will be canceled; please order directly from Amazon or contact sales@shadowpeak.com if your discounted hardcopy order will not meet all these requirements.

OLD-CHECK POINT EMPLOYEES ONLY: "Max Power" 2nd Edition Hardcopy

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